Digital channels for your marketing campaigns

In this article we talk about the advantages of using several channels for your marketing strategies, making use of a Marketing Automation or Multichannel platform.

We will see what differences there are between one channel and another, which ones complement each other best and which ones are the most appropriate for each specific campaign.


SMS: SMS is still the most efficient marketing channel, due to its high openness rate (over 98%) and its immediacy of arrival. Although it can be used for multiple purposes, it is essential if you want to send quick alerts or notifications or send coupon codes directly to your client.

Email: The classic channel by excellence. You should keep in mind that if not used correctly it can generate SPAM, but well used, it turns out to be a very effective channel for sending newsletters.

Text-To-Speech: A fairly interesting and relatively unknown channel until recent times. It will allow you to extend your range of action to landline and mobile phones. It’s perfect if you need to send voice messages for reminder purposes.

Digital Numbers (DID): These are telephone numbers that are not associated with a fixed telephone line, but are linked to a digital account within a platform. A DID allows you to have a number of a certain country without having a presence in that place and to dedicate it only for commercial purposes.

Cloud Services: This is a series of services that can be attached to SMS or Email and will serve as useful marketing tools.

Thanks to these services you will be able to attach: quality surveys, images and files (pdf, word, excel,…), presentations of services or products, etc.

Channel combinations to launch marketing campaigns

There are many possible combinations to work with these channels, so here are some ideas:

SMS + Email: It works perfectly when you notify a customer via SMS (sign up for a service, confirm appointments, reminders, etc) and warn them that you will send additional information or newsletter to their email address.

In this way we ensure that the customer receives all the necessary information and also avoid SPAM.

SMS + Text-To-Speech: If you need to make sure that a customer receives an important message, you have the opportunity to send him/her a SMS confirmation and an audible voice message (Text-To-Speech). The big advantage is that we can make sure that the customer receives the message on his mobile phone as well as on his landline.

Digital numbers (DID) for SMS sending: If you want to dedicate a number exclusively for professional work for sending and receiving answers from your customers, the perfect option is to enable a DID.

If your customers are from a particular country, you can also purchase a number for that country to build confidence.

Have you not yet started to use these channels in your campaigns or don’t know how to do it? We’ll show you around.

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