3 Advertising Strategies with Fast Results

Each new project on the internet requires a boost considerable to deliver its first results, choose the appropriate strategy to achieve these goals may be the factor that makes the difference between failure and success at the beginning of any business.

There are several techniques and strategies of promoting on the internet: from social media, content Marketing, positioning SEO and SEM, Email Marketing, etc. However, each of these are adapted to what you need depending on the characteristics of your company.

In the early stages of a business or in shortage of customers, with fast results techniques are seeking more regularly, but many are more focused on what is driving our company or business and therefore not necessarily not know well the options that we have to launch an advertising campaign whose results generate our such undeserved sales.

So here we present you 3 effective advertising strategies to get very fast results.

  • Email Marketing o Mailing
  • Per click advertising (PPC)
  • SMS Marketing

Let’s see each of them…

Email Marketing

Perhaps one of the most traditional in the online world, with the times this method of customer acquisition has come to be discredited due to misuse of the strategy, bad practices where is slashing nearly spam or abusive advertising.

An effective Email Marketing campaign is based on the correct segmentation of the public as well as the amount of receivers (take into account that while more people receive their promotion in your Inbox more likely to get their interest.)

It is also important to have good servers configured of sending email, given that the companies more notorious (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) are becoming more stringent in this regard.

Google Adwords o SEM (PPC)

Perhaps one of the most popular on the internet, where basically techniques is paid for each click that is made in our ads.

Ads are shown in the section of sponsored ads of Google search results, the advantage of this is that their results can be more immediate, even in a matter of hours.

Obviously believe that because of people who have clicked on such ads does not guarantee the sale of our services or products, since this time has much influence what is creativity and design implemented in the target page.

“If a person comes to your page by means of a notice, and however we have a design and a very poor usability, chances are it is a visit that doesn’t end in sale.”

Therefore have to implement methods that engage the person concerned, having a Landing Page (landing page) attractive, offers and promotions that may convince, competitive prices, and several other factors to consider is design and usability.

SMS Marketing

The SMS is still today one of the communication channels more effectively, this is due to its high rate of opening and its immediacy of arrival.

The most important advantages of SMS include:

  1. Higher rate display on other channels. This is because a mobile device is always on hand to view or open an SMS is always something more instant than other media.
  1. It is economical and covers a large number of public. Send thousands of SMS are relatively economical. There are numerous platforms that offer these services with global coverage.

Here are 3 strategies of advertising useful, fast and relatively economical. If you need more information or want to implement some of these in your business you can contact with us.

Let’s talk!

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